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Aesthetic Dental Fillings

Aesthetic Dental Fillings

Along with developing technologies, more efficient and aesthetic techniques have been applied in dental treatments. Mercury-based amalgam fillings used for years are replaced with different fillings that offer a more aesthetic appearance. Amalgam filler, also known as ‘silver fillings’ in public, causes an unpleasant appearance in mouth because of its dark grey color. Today, more healthy, durable and aesthetic fillers are available instead of amalgam filling that many dentists and patients do not want to give up.

What are the Types of Aesthetic Fillings?

The aesthetically advanced composite fillers are also used in the applications that allow the teeth to look differently. Once they are applied, composite fillings are hardened with a light source. The bonding system application, which is a prevalent treatment for the front teeth, is applied to all the teeth that are in the area of a person’s smile line. The bonding system, which can be easily applied to the people suffering from color disturbances as well as in tooth decays, is often preferred in aesthetic filling applications.

Porcelain inlay – onlay fillings have been developed as an alternative treatment to porcelain veneers that are applied to the teeth are not likely to be filled or treated with root canal therapy. Providing the possibility of restoring rather than completely losing the tooth, this filling makes the long-lasting use of the main teeth possible. Once the tooth is completely cleared of decay, its size is measured; a porcelain inlay – onlay filling that is compatible with the patient’s tooth color is produced and glued to the tooth with the materials strengthening the structure of porcelain.

Lifespan of Composite Filling Applications

The applications that were not preferred because they are less durable can be used today thanks to today’s technology and they are more enduring compared to amalgam fillings. The lifespan of composite fillers, which lasts for about 6 years, varies by the dental care of individuals. Extension of the lifespan of aesthetic filling applications also varies by the treatment type. Gluing (bonding) porcelain fillings to a tooth treated with root canal therapy and gluing (bonding) fillers to the decayed tooth differs both in material and techniques. The material used also has a great effect on the durability of aesthetic filling applications. Proper application using proper materials as well as material quality makes it possible for people to use aesthetic fillings comfortably for many years.

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