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Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic dentistry reorganizes teeth and gums for a healthy and eye-catching smile. No matter how the word “aesthetic” usually evokes long healing processes and strenuous operations, aesthetic dentistry treatments are the applications that are easily performed in a very short time and do not have a healing period. Aesthetic dentistry focuses on aesthetic smile design. Teeth play a major and indispensable role in human health. Teeth also play a major role in carrying out the actions such as chewing which is the first step of digestion and talking which is indispensable for communication. It is important for all of us to have an impressive smile as well as these basic needs. Smile is actually an important part of socialization and communication even if this is ignored. The importance of aesthetic smile design emerges once again when we think about how hard to forget the people having a perfect smile.

What Are The Factors Affecting Smile Design?

There are several factors for an effective smile. Because everyone’s smile and tooth structure will be different, their needs and design will also be different. The effect of age on smile design is quite high. Age-related changes and color differences determine the need to use applications such as teeth whitening and polishing for better results during smile design. Because men and women have different dental and oral structures, there will be differences in the smile design as well. In addition to the main factors such as sex and age, the individual properties of teeth such as shape, position and alignment may also require different applications to be performed in aesthetic smile design. The gum structure varying from person to person is also very important for aesthetic smile design. White and smooth teeth alone cannot provide a perfect smile. The gums should be pink and healthy as well.

Aesthetic Smile Design Applications

The necessary applications for a perfect smile differ from person to person. Fractures and cracks in the teeth can be corrected with bonding application. This procedure is also applied to the teeth with a height difference or teeth with gaps. Bleaching or teeth whitening application is indispensible for aesthetic smiles because the difference in tooth color will be the biggest minus of a perfect smile. One of the most commonly used applications in aesthetic dentistry is laminate veneer. This application is performed by bonding the porcelain material to the front surface of your teeth. This treatment is preferred because it is a protective and easy on the eye application and provides a natural aesthetic appearance.

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