Obesity Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

Obezite CerrahisiObesity is the name given to a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated above a certain extent. Obesity, also known as adiposity, reduces the quality of life and confronts people with various health problems. The conditions that cannot be controlled by diet and sports are quite common. High cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and the problems related to blood pressure are more common in obese people. In uncontrollable situations, obesity surgery applications come into play to raise one's quality of life and normalize his/her medical conditions.

Obesity Surgery Methods

Sleeve Gastrectomy: The operation is performed under general anesthesia and it is among the most common methods of obesity surgery. The procedure is applied at a certain distance from the end point of the stomach and completed by reducing the stomach to obtain a tube-like structure up to esophagus. In the closed procedure, the main purpose is to enable the patient's eating less by a physical intervention.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: In this procedure, the stomach is divided into two parts just below the esophagus to reduce the stomach volume. Small intestine is connected to the resulting stomach pouch. By doing so, less food intake is provided as well as the absorption of the food is reduced as in the sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Gastric Balloon Surgery: The procedure, which has been widely used in obesity surgery in recent years, is remarkable since it is easily applicable. The procedure is performed by placing a balloon inside the stomach using the endoscopic tools and completed by inflating the balloon. Thanks to the balloon inside the stomach, the amount of food intake is reduced and an early feeling of satiety is induced.

Who can benefit from Obesity Surgery?

Obezite CerrahisiThe body mass index of a person needs to be checked to diagnose obesity; obesity surgery procedures can be applied to the people whose body mass index is 35% or more. The people who have 40% or more body mass index are considered to be the third degree obesity patients and they can prefer directly the obesity surgeries without trying alternative methods. People with a body mass index ranging between 35 and 40 are considered to be the 2nd degree obesity patients and they are also suitable for obesity surgeries; however, they can firstly try to lose weight with diet and sports before surgical procedures. The obesity patients should firstly try alternative methods adequately in order to apply for surgical procedures to lead a healthier life and increase the quality of their lives.

There may be an appearance of sagging in the body because of the weight loss after these operations. In such cases, the deformed parts of the body can be reconstructed by applying aesthetic operations, some of which are listed as the follows.

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