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Body Scar Removal

Body Scar Removal

There are various ways of removing the bad image caused by the scars on body. Although it is not possible to completely remove a scar, it is possible to reduce the inconvenience. It is necessary to wait for a while to remove the scars of wounds and burns. Scar removal procedure can be performed when the healing process is completed.

Scar Removal Surgery

There are two main methods to remove body scars. These methods are laser and surgical treatments. The method is determined based on the scar type. The surgical procedure is applied if the scars are not aligned with the body lines, or if there are the conditions such as deep or swollen scars. The procedure performed under local anesthesia is called 'scar revision'. Post-operative stitches heal in 10 days and the resulting scars need time to disappear. As the healing period progresses, the redness in the area decreases and the treatment area becomes harmonious with the skin tone. The healing process takes about 2 years. During this process, external practices can be performed based on the patient's needs.

Laser Scar Removal

Laser applications are preferred for smaller scar removal needs that do not require surgery. The laser treatments are applied monthly and can be performed up to 5 sessions depending on condition of the treatment area. After laser application, scab formation occurs at different time periods depending on the treatment area. A visible improvement is observed in the treatment area as soon as the scab heals. The treatment area is softened with the regular repetition of the application and the tone becomes closer to original skin tone. In the treatment of razor scars, the treatment is performed normalizing the image of the area as compatible with the skin tone rather than reducing the number of razor scars.

Points to take into account in Body Scar Removal Applications

Before applying such procedures, the wound must heal successfully. The procedure must not be performed without being sure of the final condition of the wound since the healing process takes about 1 year. The patient's age and race are important in these applications. Different effects of skin tone and healing may occur in such operations. If surgery is to be performed, the patient should be checked for drug utilization and chronic diseases that may pose an obstacle to the treatment. Scar revision, which is beneficial to the patient both physically and emotionally, should be performed with caution.

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