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Botox, a medical protein, has also been used in the treatment of various neurological diseases for a long time. Botox, a non-surgical treatment, has long been used in the treatment of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Today, Botox is applied to slow down or completely remove the inevitable effects of aging and it is among the most commonly used aesthetic treatments. Botox treatments are based on temporarily slowing down or stopping the muscles in the treatment area. Thus, sagging or hollows in the treatment area is fixed temporarily.

Types of Botox Treatment

Botox is most commonly applied to correct facial problems. The facial defects such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, sags and deep lines are aesthetically disturbing and depressing. Botox treatments are preferred in order to remove such problems easily. In addition to treatments of wrinkle and aging effects that are widely known, Botox treatments for excessive armpit and palmar sweating problems are among the commonly applied treatments. The aim of such Botox treatments is to normalize the effects of sweating. Botox applications in the treatment of excessive armpit and palmar sweating should be applied just before summer months. The duration of these applications is about 6 months; when they are applied to the areas with excessive sweating during the spring time, sweating disorder disappears throughout the summer time and you are able to breathe freely again.

How to Apply Botox Treatment?

Botox is a painless treatment and does not require anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s physical and emotional condition, the creams with anesthetic effects can be used. Doze and type of Botox application vary according to the patient’s muscular and skin structure. The plastic surgeon determines how the treatment will be applied. The treatment is performed in small doses with the help of a multipolar needle. Depending on the extent and area of treatment, application time may vary. The application generally takes about 15-30 minutes. The effect lasts 2 weeks after the application. The expected full effect occurs after the two-week period and it lasts about 6 months. One of the most frequently asked questions about Botox applications is about facial expressions and mimics. Before application, people are mostly afraid of losing facial expressions; however, an application at appropriate dosage provides a natural appearance depending on the patient’s needs.

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