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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation operations are the applications mostly demanded by the women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, have disproportionate breasts and want to have aesthetically proportionate and upright breasts. Breast augmentation operations are not always intended for aesthetic purposes; they are also applied for the women undergone breast cancer treatment and lost some of their breasts in order to reconstruct the breast area.

The Breast Augmentation Process

Breast augmentation surgeries last approximately 1 hour. Depending on the patient’s condition, there is an average hospitalization period of 1 day after the breast augmentation surgery is completed under general anesthesia. After resting at the hospital, discomfort conditions may vary depending on the method and type of operation. Disappearance of the post-operative edema spreads to 2-3 days. The feeling of pressure on the arms and body decreases subsequently. The post-operative bandages are removed on the 4th day on average after the surgery and the scars are covered with new sterile bandages. The renewed bandages do not interfere with bathing because they have waterproof materials to cover stitches. The question “Will there be any surgery scar after the breast augmentation operation?” is among the frequently asked questions by the patients. Minor scars are left behind depending on the shape and location of the application. Silicone applications performed through the armpit leave a minor scar that is so hard to see. Augmentation procedures performed through inframammary line or nipple may leave submicroscopic scars.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgeries

The methods used in breast augmentation procedures vary by the condition and need of the patient. The most commonly used breast augmentation method is breast augmentation with silicone. This method is performed by placing a silicone implant behind the mammary tissue with various incisions. Silicone implants offer a lifetime use. Implants may need to be replaced depending on usage or personal conditions. Another method applied in breast augmentation procedures is fat injection method. The patient’s body must meet certain conditions in order to apply this technique, also known as lipivage technique; this means that there should be excess fat in the patient’s body because the fat is taken from body using liposuction. This procedure can be applied to women who want small augmentation in their breasts. Those who want proportionately bigger augmentation should prefer silicone breast augmentation method.

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