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Breast Implant (with microchips)

Breast Implant (with microchips)

Breast implant prosthesis applications are frequently used in breast augmentation operations. Women may want to have breast augmentation surgery due to aesthetic concerns or health conditions. Breast augmentation operations are nowadays performed with different reasons. Disproportionate breasts, different breast sizes and loss of breast due to breast cancer are among the main reasons for breast augmentation operations.

Why Breast Implant?

Breast implant applications are among the blessings that the technology has introduced to aesthetic surgery. Breast implants come equipped with chip technology and it is easy to find out which implant has been applied to which patient even after many years. There are two main benefits of using implants with chips. The first benefit of this procedure is to get information about the implant anytime. The microchips located on the breast implant prosthesis provide all the information about the implant through a detector. Information such as serial number, volume, shape, shell structure, and date and place of production can be easily learned. Breast implants with microchips are FDA-approved products; so, patients can be confident about the quality of the implants. Another benefit of using breast implants with microchips is that they allow health monitoring. When there is any temperature change in the area where the breast implant has been applied, the microchips report this change. Post-operative complications or changes in the breast area in the following periods are quickly recognized thanks to this technology. The early detection technology is a proof that the breast augmentation operations will be more important in terms of health in future.

Natural Appearance with Super Gel

Breast implants with microchips are made of a material called ‘super gel’. The most important feature of this material is that it has a very dynamic form. This deformable material provides a very natural appearance because it is shaped according to the person’s posture. The implanted breasts are more rounded while lying and upright while standing just as in their natural forms and they provide a highly effective aesthetic appearance. The breast implants whose inner and outer zones are made of pure silicone with nano-technology offer highly efficient solutions both in terms of aesthetics and health.

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