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Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Lack of muscle in the breast area causes drooping. Body structure and use of incorrect underwear as well as weight loss/gain, giving birth and breastfeeding may also cause breasts to droop. It is uncomfortable to have such a problem in the breast area, which is fairly sensitive and important for women. Women’s dissatisfaction with their body is replaced with the sense of trust at the end of these surgeries applied with aesthetic concerns.

How to Perform Breast Lift Surgery?

All non-operative practices with breast lift purposes are invalid. The applications such as using cream, massage and sports do not raise breasts. Breast lift can only be performed with surgery. Silicone prosthesis is placed under mammary glands during the operation performed under general anesthesia. The location and shape of the prostheses may be different for each breast. Because, disproportionate breasts are common among women. The methods applied in this procedure are similar to breast augmentation and reduction operations. Depending on the breast structure, method of lift application differs. Breast lift surgery takes about 4 hours and there is one-day hospitalization period after the surgery. Ice compress is applied after surgery. The drains placed during the surgery are removed within the first 48 hours of the healing period. The patient can take a shower two days after the drains are removed (i.e. about 4 days after the operation). It is absolutely necessary to wear sports bra after the lifting operation, as it will speed up the new shape of the breasts and alleviate the pain.

Post-operative Care

Breastfeeding after breast surgery is one of the most frequently asked questions among women. The technique of breast lift surgery affects the breastfeeding function. After the surgery, breastfeeding function is not likely to be damaged; however, it will always be more accurate to talk to the doctor about this. It is also a matter of concern that how often the procedure should be repeated. If there are no major changes in the body after the surgery, the operation will not be affected. If a woman continues to lose weight or becomes pregnant, these conditions may cause the breasts to sag.

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