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Breast Reduction - Mammoplasty

Breast Reduction - Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation operations are very common; however, breast reduction operations are also among the most preferred aesthetic surgeries due to physical discomfort. The breasts that are larger than the body proportion cause physical discomfort. Pain in the neck, back and shoulders are the most common complaints of the busty women. Rash, odor due to sweating, discomfort during sports and injuries on the shoulders due to bra straps depending on the size of breasts are among the conditions that require breast reduction surgery. It is possible to live a more comfortable life after breast reduction surgery.

The Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

There are some important points that should be known before breast reduction surgery. It is especially underlined that breast reduction surgery is not a direct cancer treatment. The applications performed before and after these operations may diagnose if the person has breast cancer, but this treatment alone should not be considered as a cancer treatment. There is an ongoing effort that proves the breast reduction surgery reduces the possibility of cancer because a large proportion of the breast tissue is removed in breast reduction surgeries. Loss of ability to breastfeed is a possibility after breast reduction surgery. Milk ducts can be protected during surgery at the request of the person, but the risk is always there. The patient should decide on the breast reduction surgery taking this risk into consideration. There may be post-operative scars but they are not at a disturbing level. The incisions during the operations performed through the nipple are made at color-changing boundaries and so, the scars are not readily noticeable. The scars of the reduction surgery performed with inframammary incisions certainly do not appear when viewed from the front.

What To Do After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Post-operative pain after the reduction surgeries is as much as the pain after any similar operation. The post-operative hospitalization period is 1 day maximum because this pain is not unbearable. Prickling sensation may occasionally occur during the first year after the surgery, but this feeling does not cause any discomfort that will adversely affect your daily life. The patients should wear sports bra to provide comfortable post-operative use and ensure that their breasts will take the correct shape after the surgery. On the 4th day after the operation, the bandages covering the stitches are replaced with waterproof bandages and the patient can begin to take a shower.

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