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Buttocks Aesthetics

Buttocks Aesthetics

The operations that are applied for dissatisfactions with buttocks are called buttocks aesthetics. Those who want to have round, upright, tight and toned buttocks can apply to these operations. The content of operation and the way it is applied may vary according to the body structure and the patient’s requests. Buttock lift surgery, liposuction, implant or fat injection can be applied to achieve the desired shape and posture. More than one method can be used simultaneously for desired aesthetic buttocks.

Buttocks Aesthetics Applications

There is no specific operation time since the operation is performed with different techniques; however, buttocks aesthetics surgery takes about 1-3 hours. In buttocks aesthetics, the first step is liposuction in order to shape the application area. If the patient desires a more upright and toned buttocks appearance, the fat tissue extracted through liposuction is injected into the desired areas. If the fat tissue is not enough, implant can be placed additionally. Finally, if the skin in the application area has lost its elasticity, the operation is completed with buttocks lift application. Similar non-surgical applications are as common as the surgical applications. Buttocks lift with filling method is demanded by people who do not want to go under operation. It is possible to have the desired buttocks appearance in about 1 hour with the Aquafilling application that does not harm human health. The plastic surgeon decides the satisfactoriness of the filling application. Therefore, the buttocks aesthetics operations vary from person to person.

After Buttocks Aesthetics

In surgical buttocks aesthetics operations, the patient needs to stay in the hospital overnight. The corset should be worn for 21 days to ensure mobility and reduce post-operative pain. The patient can take shower on the second day after the operation. It is important to communicate directly with the surgeon because the patient’s returning to daily life depends on the practices performed during the operation. The edema and bruises that occur during the recovery process disappear completely in a short time. 1.5 to 2 month recovery process is sufficient to return to busy schedule.

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