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Combined Aesthetics

Combined Aesthetics

Combined aesthetics can be preferred if there are multiple points the people want to change about their bodies. Applying simultaneous multiple aesthetic operations in a single session depends entirely upon the patient’s preferences and the surgeon’s approval. There are many important reasons for performing such surgeries in planning the whole, but the most important reason is to ensure that the patient circumvents the post-operative effects of multiple surgeries in a single healing process. Combined aesthetic operations are often preferred because the side effects of prolongation of the operation time are blocked by today’s technologically developed techniques.

Combined Aesthetic Surgeries

Combined aesthetic surgeries are the operations that should be planned well. The length of surgery should be adjusted according to the treatments to be performed and the duration of surgery should not affect the patient’s health. The patient should quit smoking before the surgery. Combined aesthetic surgeries are not recommended for smokers or not performed with doctor’s approval. In addition, these applications are not recommended at older ages and they are not suitable for the people with chronic diseases. Before the operation, a special surgical plan is prepared in line with the patient’s requests. These plans differ from patient to patient.

Why Choose The Combined Aesthetic Surgeries?

The diversity of aesthetic expectations means that each surgery requires a separate waiting and healing process. Combined aesthetic surgeries are preferred in order to circumvent this difficulty and to obtain the aesthetically expected results in a shorter time. Another advantage of combined aesthetics is that they provide more harmonious results because they are applied simultaneously. Combined facelift and eyebrow lift surgeries provide much more efficient results. Going under the knife for each operation individually can be irksome both physically and emotionally. It would be much more efficient to remove all problems with a single operation. In addition, the single healing process after combined aesthetic surgeries is an advantage for many people. Instead of going under surgery at certain intervals, the people particularly those having a busy working and social life can decide on the surgery and complete the recovery process in a relatively shorter time. These operations should be decided carefully because they offer quite radical changes in one go.

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