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Dental Implant Operation

Dental Implant Operation

Implant treatments are performed to replace missing teeth with implant teeth and they can be performed for each tooth individually or for bridgework at the required amount. Dental implant surgery is a procedure of placing (artificial) tooth roots in the jawbone in order to replace the missing tooth with implant. Implant application is a threaded system and it is usually made of titanium. The patients may sometimes feel anxious about the treatment due to the process, but the implant is a long-lasting treatment and provides a fairly healthy and precise solution. As with any other surgical operation, the implants are placed with a surgical operation and patients may experience recovery complications. The patients do not feel any discomfort thanks to local anesthesia during the procedure.

How to Perform Implant Procedure?

Firstly, the X-ray and tomography of the jaw is taken before deciding on implant treatment. The tomography of the jaw is required not to coincide with nerves during implant placement and to keep treatment process more comfortable and short. The application process begins with the doctor’s decision on the number and material of implant. Before surgery, the dentists start antibiotic treatment. Implantation can be done a few days after this treatment begins. The application is completed by placing the implant in the jawbone. During this procedure, strengthening applications such as bone dust can also be performed depending on the strength and structure of the bone. The duration of the application depends on the number of implants. After the procedure is completed, gum incisions are stitched closed. The first stage of implant application is completed and the healing process thus begins. The healing process may vary from patient to patient. In the meantime, the implant is expected to successfully integrate (attach) to the bone. In the first appointment after the healing process, the implant is revealed with a small incision. Measurements are taken and necessary procedure is carried out to create a dental crown. Dental prosthesis starts after this process and the crown is screwed to the implant.

Caring For Your Implants

Although complications seem very rare, the implants can be effectively used for a lifetime and patients should pay attention to a few points. Regular dental check and care are very important. Dental care with dental floss, inter-dental brush and normal toothbrush and checking your teeth through routine controls allow the implants to be used in more healthy way. Never smoking after the implant treatment will further increase the success rate of the treatment.

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