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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

The aesthetic eyelid application, which is an operation that rejuvenates eyelids and ensures a more vibrant look, includes the procedures such as tightening loosened skin and removal of fat bags under eyes. The most effective method for removing all signs of aging around eyes is the eyelid aesthetics applications.

Eyelid Aesthetics Surgery

The aesthetic eyelid applications are applied to both upper and lower eyelids. Depending on the patient’s needs, it can be applied separately or together. The upper eyelid application is generally intended for removal of the fat bags under eyes and tightening the skin. It is a relatively short operation and performed under local anesthesia. At the center of this treatment is the extraction of excess fat tissue in the treatment area. Fat is injected into the treatment area in the lower eyelid applications, contrary to upper eyelid application. These two applications that are opposite to each other can be easily applied simultaneously. The most important benefit of having two applications simultaneously is to get a total rejuvenation in the treatment area. Another advantage of this dual application is the injection of the excess fat taken from the upper eyelid into the lower eyelid.

Healing Process After Eyelid Aesthetics

After surgery, a mild pain may occur depending on the patient. A more comfortable healing process can be provided using painkillers for the patient. The most important thing to be careful is not to rub eyes. After surgery, a dressing that does not completely cover the eye is applied; the patient may feel strange and wants to rub his/her eyes. The patient should be careful not to rub. Dressings are removed within 5 days on average. Swelling and bruising may occur around eyes after surgery. These post-operative complications disappear in about a week. Although the surgery is short and easy, there are key points to pay attention because it is the orbital region. After the operation, the patient should avoid reading book or any text content for a few days and the treatment area should be protected against water during shower. The patient can drive after 5 days following the operation. In addition, the patient should avoid the efforts that require focusing before the removal of the dressings that may partially obstruct the vision of eyes.

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