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Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

Face lift surgery covers reshaping the fat tissues in the facial area in order to remove the effects of time, tightening the facial muscles and reduction of fat tissues. Anyone over 18 can benefit from face lift surgery unless there are any exceptional circumstances. Although there is no upper age limit for the application, certain limitations are applied depending on the skin structure and health status.

What Procedures Are Applied During The Face Lift Surgery?

Face lift surgery helps the patient look 10-15 years younger. As a result of the procedures during the face lift surgery, the patient’s face gets a tighter and more vibrant look because the problems related to the sagging, wrinkles and fat tissues are removed. In the face lift surgery, a small incision is made in the scalp and incision scar remains in the scalp. The scar is quite small and completely disappears in the hair. No post-operative facial scar is left behind because some of the procedures do not require incision during the surgery. Botox, filling, eyebrow lift, cheek aesthetics, almond-eye application and eyelid aesthetics can be applied during the face lift surgery based on the patient’s needs. The surgeon shows the after-effects of all these applications combined with face lift surgery before the surgery.

Healing Process After Face Lift Surgery

The patient needs to stay in the hospital 1 or 2 days after the surgery performed under general anesthesia. Pain may occur after surgery but these are mild pains that can be relieved by painkillers. After the operation, the face region remains wrapped with bandages for a while. Sutures are usually removed 5-7 days after surgery. The post-operative facial swelling goes down within two weeks. It takes about one week for the patient to return to normal life. Although the swelling and bruises do not disappear completely in this period, there is no condition to prevent the patient from returning to his/her normal life. A 6-month healing process is required to ensure that all swellings disappear and the skin is fully integrated with the face. In order to get full efficiency, the patient is strongly recommended not to smoke during the first two weeks after the surgery. The patient should avoid exposure to the sun after surgery. If this is not possible, s/he should use sunscreen with high protection factor.

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