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Facial and Lip Filling

Facial and Lip Filling

Facial filling is one of the most commonly used methods to remove the wrinkles, deep lines, traces and sagging on the face on which the time leave its marks. The facial filling is the best option to have a younger look and a more vivid facial expression by removing the tired expression caused by years. Another method of filling is the lip filling technique to reshape the lips. Both applications are often preferred thanks to the advantages they offer related to healing process and application method.

How to Apply Facial Filling?

Facial filling application, which is a very effective choice for the patients who do not go under operation, is performed without requiring anesthesia. The subcutaneous filling application is applied to the areas with hollow spots that cause a bad appearance. The lines and wrinkles on the face are removed with the filling process. The end of the application means that the healing process is over. There is no aftercare. The application provides a very natural effect; it cannot be understood by looking or touching that the facial skin has been filled. The application is among the highly preferred treatment types thanks to ease of application.

How to Apply Lip Filling?

The lip filling, which is preferred by those who want to have voluminous lips, is also an easy and painless procedure. The application area (lower lip, upper lip, lip circumference and middle part of lips) is determined according to the lip shape and the patient’s preferences. Because each person has a different lip structure, the applications can be performed individually or together. Contour lip filler is the procedure performed on the lip line. This procedure is done to make the lip edges more apparent. The inner filling application creates the effect of fullness in the inner parts of the lips. For upper lip applications, the upper lip is filled. The lip fillings should be planned in a more detailed way compared to facial filling. The dose should be adjusted well; even the slightest wobble of balance would end up with bulging and too big lips because of the lip structure. The biggest complication that can be experienced after the application is redness and a very slight bleeding. 2 weeks of waiting time is required to get full effect. Filling procedures should be reapplied at regular intervals.

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