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Hair Cloning Technology

Hair Cloning Technology

Baldness, which has been one of the biggest problems of men since past, is tried to be prevented with new technologies and discoveries. Hair cloning technique that is accepted as one of the latest Technologies had great repercussions in the medical world; it is possible to produce thousands of hair follicles by cloning a single hair follicle with this technique. In this technique, the hair follicle taken from the nape area is multiplied in laboratory. Duplicated hair follicles are transplanted into the areas with baldness or hair loss with microsurgery under local anesthesia. After the plantation, the patient is kept under observation and taken care of.

Hair cloning is considered as the most innovative invention of medical technology in this field. Performing special studies in the laboratory for cloning, follicle extraction and hair transplantation indicate a long and costly process. Hair cloning prices may vary by transplantation area (recipient site). The fact that the latest and most accurate results are obtained with this method indicates that the process will become more widespread in the upcoming years and one of the ideal treatment methods.

Who Can Benefit From Hair Cloning Technique?

People suffering from hair loss or baldness due to various reasons, those suffering from partial baldness, those suffering from hair loss in a certain area of the head due to sycosis vulgaris and people with sparse hair can benefit from this technology. Although hair cloning has emerged as a result of a study on males, women can also benefit from the treatment. Before the cloning treatment is started, a certain amount of time is taken for the possibility of hair loss due to stress; if the problem goes on, treatment is applied.

How Long Does The Effect of Hair Cloning Last?

All the procedures performed to prevent hair loss are applied for long-lasting results. The hair cloning technique, a treatment that provides the newest and clearest results among other treatments, has a long-lasting effect with personal hair care. As a result of the studies, the experts have observed that cloning is the most effective method. This procedure that will replace all hair applications in the coming years seems to prevent baldness.

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