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MDistances are not a problem! Just ask…

Do not worry about the distances with British Aesthetics! The professional service we offer in the field of health tourism goes beyond the boundaries and time...

The first questions that come to mind on health tourism are mostly like as the follows: "Will I have the change I would like to take?", "What kind of a path do I need to follow?", "How will I express my expectations?", "What am I going to do in a city I don't know?", "Where will I stay?", and etc.

British Aesthetics is at your service to achieve the results that will make you happy with the comprehensive service on Health Tourism.

As British Aesthetics, we make all the difference in Health Tourism by providing an experienced staff, specialist aesthetic surgeons and the contracted hospital offering full services.

Let’s answer your question about our services on Heath Tourism;

  • Step 1: Meeting and providing information: First we know you, find out your expectations and inform you. If you are outside the city or country, you can take this step on the internet and we can answer all you questions at the very beginning. After the decision phase, we set the date of our appointment and start the process. We pick you up from the airport on the specified date for the transfer and do your check-in at the hotel. If you wish, we can also plan a holiday program for you and follow this process.
  • Step 2: Planning: The change you desire is taken into consideration by our specialist doctors. We find out your expectations in this regard and decide together to achieve the best appearance that will look great on you.
  • Step 3: Starting the procedure: The procedure is performed on the specified date by our specialist doctors.
  • Step 4: Post-op: If you need to rest after the procedure, we put you up in our hospital. If the procedure does not require medical observation, we directly transfer you to the hotel.
  • Step 5: Control: You are told beforehand about the control based on the procedure you have gone through. Your post-op control is carried out on the date we have determined.
  • Step 6: Post-control process: After the control process is completed, you are ready to return to your country if you are satisfied and feel good.
  • Step 7: Going home: We pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the airport…
  • Step 8: Next process: Even if you return to your home or country, we keep in touch with you and continue to provide any kind of remote support. Our healthcare staff continues to be with you every time.
  • Result: Even if the final result differs according to the procedure that has been performed, our communication with you continues from beginning to end ceaselessly. We continue to be with you until you are sure that you are happy and you have experienced the change you desire, even afterwards.
  • We are always with you We would like to maintain our synergy in the future to be with you when you want to experience a change again and to provide you with the most comprehensive service available…

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