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How to Price Hair Transplantation?

How to Price Hair Transplantation?

The main factor determining the price of hair transplantation treatment is the number of transplanted hair follicles. After determining the number of hair follicles, pricing may vary from clinic to clinic. Clinics may price these applications according to the differences such as experience and service quality. Across the world, Turkey is one of the countries where the cheapest treatments are applied. Our country has come a long way in hair transplantation and similar applications in terms of health tourism.

How to Calculate The Number of Grafts For Hair Transplantation?

The number of hair follicles or grafts that form the basis of pricing in hair transplantation treatment can be easily calculated by a method that is accepted worldwide. Although the graft means hair follicle, the calculation is different in hair transplantation treatment. 1000 grafts correspond approximately to 2000-3000 hair follicles. Number of grafts is calculated upon the surgeon’s examining the transplantation site and determining the number of hair follicles that are sufficient to cover the hairless area. The Norwood Scale, which is still used today for male patter hair loss, is the most accurate calculation scale worldwide. The scale became a research subject in 1950s and was published in 1975 as Hamilton – Norwood scale, which described different types of baldness. It is possible to calculate how many grafts are required for different types of baldness or hair loss.

How to Determine Hair Transplantation Sessions?

The number of hair follicles to be transplanted during a session is certain. 3500-4000 hair follicles are transplanted in a session on average. After determining the required hair follicles in the transplantation (recipient) site, the number of sessions is also determined. Today, with the development of technology, it is possible to reduce the cost and shorten the healing process by applying the so-called mega-session, 2 or 3 sessions in one go. Covering a lot of distance in a single session help patients adapt to the hair plantation process much faster both physically and psychologically. The number of sessions and session intervals are determined by the specialists. As a result, the process is performed for the benefit of the patient and maximum benefit is obtained from the treatment.

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