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Jaw Aesthetics

Jaw Aesthetics

The area between the jaws and cheekbones forms the basis of looking young in terms of aesthetics. However, jaw aesthetics is one of the most challenging aesthetic surgeries. There is not an exact application technique. The jaws can be brought forward or backward based on the patient’s needs. The problems related to chin can be corrected with implant and reduction techniques. The extensive procedures such as implant applications into the jaw bone and reducing the jaw bone are among the techniques that are performed based on the patient’s needs.

How to Apply Jaw Aesthetics Applications?

In chin aesthetics, the patient’s face structure is examined in a detailed way. The problems should be analyzed looking at the jaw-face proportion. The most important area in chin aesthetics is the dental region. The operation is not performed without resolving the dental and palatal problems or without clarifying these problems’ effects on the treatment. Therefore, plastic surgeons prefer to perform jaw aesthetics surgeries together with orthodontists. The operation is decided upon considering the patient’s complaints after the jaw, dental and palatal examination. At this point, the patient may wish for a certain jaw profile but the most appropriate and natural profile that will fit the face structure is determined. If necessary, alternative 3D images are shown to the patient and the most reasonable technique is determined. Jaw aesthetics applications are performed under general anesthesia. The implant is placed over the bony chin through an incision inside the lower lip or under the chin. This technique is applied in augmentation applications. The reduction process is also applied through an incision. The incision is stitched close aesthetically and the operation is completed.

Care after Jaw Aesthetics Operation

After the operation, the patient may feel incisional tightness and pain. It is possible to relieve pain using painkillers. Cold compress is applied to the treatment area to help the swelling and bruises disappear. At the beginning of the healing process, the patient is recommended to sleep on a high pillow. All of the post-operative effects disappear within 2 weeks. It is not possible to give an exact date for taking shower or removing the stitches. Since such details vary according to the extent and technique of the surgery, the surgeon informs the patient about post-operative care.

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