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Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics

The conditions such as knock knee and extremely thin legs may require leg aesthetics. Different treatment methods are applied for both conditions. Both defects are corrected by reconstructing the legs proportionally to the body. Reconstructive operations are performed with silicone and filling materials. Correcting the leg defects preventing many women from wearing skirts, dresses, tights and even boots is possible with aesthetically successful operations.

How to Apply Leg Aesthetics Treatments?

Filling, silicone and injection methods are generally used in leg aesthetics applications. Silicone applications are performed in sterile operating room environments under general anesthesia and the treatment takes about one hour. The silicones are placed in accordance with the leg structure. The silicones do not disintegrate and legs are shaped properly for a long time. There is a one-day hospitalization period after the treatment. Readymade filling applications are known as non-surgical applications in leg aesthetics. These applications can be performed in any sterile environment. The readymade filling injections do not offer a lifetime solution. It has to be renewed every 6 years. Another technique that is applied in the correction of the knock knee is the fat injection method. In this procedure, the fat tissue is taken from the patient and injected into the leg area with defect. Injection applications can be performed in combination with liposuction applications and the number of sessions varies by the leg structure.


The healing process varies according to the leg aesthetics applications. All applications except silicone treatment are performed using injections and they have a short healing process. There is not a hospitalization period after the injection treatments. In silicone applications, the patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight depending on the anesthesia. After the silicone applications, the patient is recommended to limit his/her movements for a while. Avoiding sport activities and long walks for the first month will accelerate the healing process. Edema or bruises may occur after the treatment. These complications disappear within a few days. The patient may need to wear corset during the healing period if the doctor advises. Wearing corset helps the treated area to be more properly shaped especially after fat and filling injection treatments.

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