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Moustache and Beard Transplant

Moustache and Beard Transplant

Moustache and beard are important for men just as hair is so important for women. Beard and moustache are the details that give a new expression to the face; these details can completely change the image of a person. Beard and moustache transplant is carried out with the FUE technique for men suffering from this problem. The FUE technique is a method of extracting hair follicles through fine-tipped needles and transplanting these follicles into the site lacking hair. This technique is based on individual follicle extraction and transplantation; after the treatment, no scar is seen either in the donor site or in the recipient site.

Sparse Moustache and Beard

The individuals with sparse moustache and beard can also benefit from this application. This treatment is performed by extracting the hair follicles from neck and cheekbone regions. The permanent laser treatment is applied to the extraction sites such as cheekbone to obtain a new aesthetic image. In transplantation applications, natural appearance is always prioritized and transplantation is performed according to the shape of face.

How to apply Moustache and Beard Transplant?

An aesthetic scheme is created before the transplantation process begins in real terms. Beard and moustache points on the face are identified. After this process, the hair follicles taken from the nape region through special needles are transplanted to the determined points with the FUE method. A total of 3000-5000 hair follicles are extracted for beard and moustache transplantation. Extraction of dense hair follicles does not cause any aesthetic discomfort in the nape region. There is no gap, bad image or scar behind because the nape region is the most suitable donor site for this procedure.

Immediately after the transplantation process, blood clots come out of the extraction points and leave redness on the skin. Blood clots are cleared of the skin with a special method. The transplantation site should not be contacted with water in the first 24-48 hours. The site can be washed after this time and the transplanted moustache and beard are long enough to be visible. The redness and traces on the face disappear completely after 10 days and you will have a natural appearance.

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