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Non-surgical Breast Augmentation

Non-surgical Breast Augmentation

Non-surgical breast augmentation applications are mostly hollow applications. Massage, cream, herbal medicine and dozens of products on the market sell only a dream and they have nothing to do with reality. Despite all, breast augmentation without surgery is possible. Of course, this procedure should be performed by a plastic surgeon in the hospital environment. Non-surgical breast augmentation applications are applied for the people who are afraid of anesthesia, surgeries, surgical scars and recovery time. The effect of this application is not as long as silicone implant but it allows you to have more aesthetic breasts without a surgical scar.

How is Aquafilling Breast Augmentation Performed?

Aquafilling applications that are non-surgical breast augmentation practices can be performed by aesthetic surgeons in a sterile environment. There is no need for general anesthesia in this procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to prevent patients from feeling pain during needle-based non-surgical breast augmentation procedures. Breast augmentation is performed injecting the filling material into the breast and this procedure takes about 1 hour. If the sizes of breasts are different from each other, the amount of filling is calculated and applied for each breast. There is no resting and waiting period after the application. Non-surgical breast augmentation, which can be easily performed in all conditions that do not require large-scale surgical procedures, should be repeated every 6 years on average. The filling application does not cause any harm to the body.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Non-surgical breast augmentation process puts a question mark in the minds after long years of applying the silicone or breast augmentation injections. This process, which has become more prevalent in recent years, is more preferred because of financial and emotional reasons because it does not require general anesthesia and an operating room environment. There is no resting or healing process after the non-surgical breast augmentation application. Once the application is completed, the effect becomes visible and the person continues to her daily life. It is the only obligation of this procedure to go under control at the certain intervals prescribed by the doctor. This procedure which does not even leave a scar behind is often preferred thanks to its ease of application and maintenance.

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