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Porcelain Coating

Porcelain Coating

Porcelain coating (veneers) is a highly preferred method of treatment because it provides long-lasting and effortless use for people. Porcelain-coated teeth are often preferred for tooth loss, implant treatment and aesthetic smile design. Porcelain coating is mostly preferred cases where the damage to teeth cannot be corrected by filling and canal treatment. Today, porcelain-coated teeth treatment is applied very successfully and the results are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Porcelain Coating Applications

Metal-backed porcelain coating: A metal alloy is placed under porcelain in the production of metal-backed porcelain coating. The metal-backed coatings that are preferred thanks to their durability for many years also cause a dark-colored appearance in the gum-line. These coatings are opaque because of the metal alloy and they are preferred for the front teeth and aesthetic smile design in terms of aesthetics.

Other porcelain coatings are not metal-backed. Zirconium-backed and completely porcelain coatings offer a more aesthetically pleasing solution. Instead of metal alloy, white zirconium material is placed under the porcelain coating in zirconium coating applications. Zirconium coating application is aesthetically more suitable since their color and light reflection property. In completely porcelain coatings, neither metal alloy nor zirconium is placed between the coating and the original tooth. The coating produced with extra strengthened porcelain provides the most natural results.

The applications known as laminate coatings are preferred for tooth damages instead of tooth loss. The procedure is performed replacing thin porcelain layers with tooth enamel. This application mostly focuses on aesthetics.

Maintenance of Porcelain Coatings

Porcelain coated teeth applications are highly preferred because they provide long lasting solutions. It is also possible to extend the lifespan of the coatings that can be comfortably used more than 10 years. You can protect both the main dental health and porcelain coatings with proper oral care. It is quite easy to understand that there is a problem with porcelain coatings. It is possible to increase the life cycle of porcelain coatings with oral and dental health care practices such as regular brushing with normal and interdental brushes, use of appropriate dental floss and mouthwashing at regular intervals. If there is a problem with these coatings, you can easily understand this with the symptoms such as oral odor and infection.

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