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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prominent Ear Aesthetics

As the name implies, the prominent ear aesthetics is the procedure of reducing the ears of the people who suffer from prominent ears. There are also other ear aesthetics applications apart from prominent ear aesthetics. The contouring the missing curves in the ear and the reduction of large-sized ears (not prominent ear) are among the ear aesthetics applications.

When to Decide on Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear is a condition that starts in the mother’s womb and can be corrected immediately after birth. Prominent ears are formed due to the excess estrogen hormone the fetus receives from the mother. It can be treated within 72 hours after birth. If the treatment has not been performed after birth, ear development is expected to be completed. Ear development is completed at age 6 on average and it is suitable for prominent ear treatment. During the decision-making process, the surgeon’s examination and recommendations are important. The surgery decision should be made after consulting the aesthetic surgeon about the necessity of application, application procedure and healing process. The procedure is planned after the patient or family decides on the treatment. The time for surgery is decided upon determining every detail from anesthesia type to the application type.

What Are The Prominent Ear Aesthetics Applications?

There are two preferred methods for prominent ear aesthetics. Among the methods determined according to the ear structure, the most commonly used method is known as classical prominent ear treatment. A small incision is made to post auricular area. After the application, the treatment area is bandaged. The success rate is very high. The post-operative healing process is about two weeks. In addition to the classical method, another method is prominent ear surgery with rope. Compared to the classical method, it has a shorter application time. This technique does not leave any scar behind because it is performed without making incision. The ears are positioned proportionately using aesthetic ropes. The success rate of this procedure is also very high. It is painless method and does not require stitches and healing process. Although this technique sounds attractive, it cannot be applied to every person. Therefore, it is important not to insist on applying this technique in the decision-making process and to consult to the surgeon in order to make the right decision.

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