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P.R.P Hair Treatment

P.R.P Hair Treatment

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This application is used to treat disorders such as skin rejuvenation, scalp repair, wrinkles and skin stains. This technique uses stem cells for treatment; the blood taken from the patient is spun in a centrifuge and red blood cells and plasmas are separated from each other. The obtained platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp by mesotherapy and the stem cells are allowed to multiply and grow.

The PRP therapy, which stops hair loss and restores lifeless hair, has a direct effect on stem cells and revives passive hair follicles to form a basis for hair growth. The PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood; about 10cc of blood is separated in the laboratory for the treatment. The blood passes through various stages of separation and the obtain plasma is injected into the areas with hair loss or weakened hair. The PRP treatment takes about 30 minutes. The patient does not feel any pain because the application is performed under local anesthesia. The treatment leaves neither pain nor scar behind. The patients can return to their social lives on the same day the treatment is completed. The overall duration of the treatment lasts from 4 to 6 sessions; the treatment should be repeated every three months to ensure a lasting and positive outcome. For a lifetime result, the experts recommend repeating the process once a year after all the processes is completed.

Who Can Benefit From PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP is widely used for patients who have lifeless hair follicles and have or cannot stop hair loss. The main purpose of the treatment is to revive lifeless hair to achieve a strong hair structure and to prevent hair loss that occurs due to various reasons. There is a visible difference in the patient after the treatment; the hair is voluminous, glossy and looks good.

PRP treatment is based on the stem cells and the blood cells are taken from the patient. This prevents the patient from getting any virus or disease.

Advantages of PRP Therapy

  • Easy to apply and safe; takes short time.
  • Revives all passive cells in the scalp.
  • “Rejuvenates” the scalp instead of stretching or hardening.
  • Provides glossy and healthy hair.
  • Promises long-term use.
  • Turns weakened hair into thicker abundant hair.

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