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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

The having a tattoo dates back to 2000 BC. Permanent tattooing practices that are used for religious, ideological, protective or just for ornament can be applied to any part of the body. Permanent tattooing practices, as the name suggests, are permanent on the body. The tattooing practices such as having a tattoo at an early age, making a sudden decision and tattooing the name of the lover usually result in regret. In such cases, the necessity of tattoo removal arises. The ever-developing technology has made it easier to remove tattoos, which is normally a painful and difficult process.

Convenience for Tattoo Removal

Although tattoo removal process is carried out using more technological equipment, there are the conditions affecting the success of the process. Tattoo determines how long the sessions of the tattoo removal process takes and how natural and healthy appearance is to be achieved after the process.

When deciding on tattoo removal, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • The tattoo colour,
  • The skin tone,
  • The intensity of the ink in implementation (filled, shaded)
  • The type of dye used for tattooing. Providing the all necessary information about the area on which laser application will be implemented enables the process to be healthier.

How to Implement Tattoo Removal?

Laser beams are used for tattoo removal. Laser beams implemented during the process reach into the epidermis layer located in the tattooed area. The dyes used in the tattooing process are located in dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The laser beams contacting to this area are absorbed by tattoo dyes. As a result, dye material is broken into pieces and absorbed by the body. In order for a healthy process, it is important that the dye material used for tattooing is easily dissoluble. Dark-colored tattoos are easier to be removed; however, it is difficult for laser to be effective in light-color tattoos. Tattoo removal is implemented in multiple sessions. The sessions are performed at 1 or 1 and a half month intervals. Shorter intervals can be preferred depending on the type and feature of the laser machine.

After the permanent tattoo removal process is completed, the treatment area firstly becomes wounded and then the scab forms; finally, the healing process begins. Although the area is wounded after the application, healing takes place in a fast way after the scabbing and shedding process. As the healing process is completed, the extent of the tattoo removal also becomes clearer.

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