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Vaginal Aesthetics

Vaginal Aesthetics

Vaginal aesthetics applications are performed to remove aesthetically discomfortable conditions in women’s genital region. Eliminating discomfort aesthetically is of great importance as it enables a healthy sexual life. Although it is quite intimate for women who put the blame on themselves and do not feel beautiful, aesthetic vaginal applications, which are absolutely necessary, differ according to their purposes.

Types of Vaginal Aesthetics

Mons Surgery: These are the plastic surgery procedures that are performed to remove the conditions such as sagging, loss of fullness or accumulation of adipose (fat) tissue that cause aesthetically unsatisfying appearance in pubic region. Fat accumulation may recur depending on medication.

Labiaplasty: Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for the treatment of the conditions sagging, overgrowth and deformity in the inner lips (labia) of vagina. The conditions such as sagging and overgrowth not only cause aesthetic discomfort, but they also cause problems such as infection and painful sexual intercourse. This procedure sometimes needs to be repeated depending on giving birth or fast weight loss/gain. However, the effect of this procedure lasts for a long time as long as there are no such cases.

Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty applications are performed to prevent decreasing sexual satisfaction resulting from the expansion or loosening of the vagina. The procedure applied to narrow the inner walls of vagina is especially important for couples. The operation may need to be renewed because vaginal walls may expand again over time.

G spot filler: G spot enables vaginal orgasm and this filling procedure is applied to enhance and make the G spot easily accessible. The procedure is painless and performed in a short time. The effect of this procedure lasts 6 months on average. Since the procedure is completed in 20 minutes, it can be renewed when its effect is over.

The importance of Vaginal Aesthetics Practices

Being self-confident and having self-esteem form the basis of happy relationships. Feeling herself inadequate and ugly may cause the couple to experience relationship problems. Vaginal aesthetics operations are of great importance both physically and emotionally. The fact that sexuality, which is one of the key elements that form the basis of happy relationships, is fully involved in couples’ lives can help many problems disappear automatically. For vaginal aesthetics which is seen as taboo but makes a big difference with simple applications, it is best to consult to a plastic surgeon.

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