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What to do after Hair Transplantation?

What to do after Hair Transplantation?

There are some points that should be taken into consideration after hair transplantation treatment. The treatment is completed in one or several-day applications depending on the patient’s needs thanks to the technology. After the operation performed under local anesthesia, the patient can take pain reliever pills in order to have a more comfortable recovery process. The patient can return to his/her daily life after 1 day of rest on average.


Medical dressings applied to the nape area are removed and the donor site is checked 1 day after the hair transplantation with FUE method. On the second day after the treatment, the patient can return to normal daily activities. Some points need cautious attention; but, the healing process is quite easy and normal. Some patients may experience facial swelling after hair transplantation treatment. The swellings decrease at the end of the first day and they completely disappear at the end of the first week on average. The patient should not panic about rarely seen swellings; this condition is definitely not permanent. It is possible to return to active sports life after 1 week of hair plantation. All sports can be done with ease provided that the head area is protected against impacts and injuries. You can go swimming in the sea or pool and you can go to the sauna; there are two important points to be careful. The first is to keep the head area dry. The second is to protect the head area from sunlight, especially during the summer time.

How to care after Hair Transplantation?

Contrary to popular opinion, maintenance after hair transplantation is quite easy. You can wash your hair on the 3rd day after the treatment. The point to be noted during the first wash is the crusting occurred in the hair follicles. The lotion is applied before hair washing to soften these crusts. The hair washing is completed without directly touching the softening crust thanks to the lotion. The point to be careful when washing hair is not to scratch the crusted area. After the first wash, the hair is washed daily by applying lotion. The crust on hair follicles completely goes away after one-week application of the lotion. Strengthening treatments such as mesotherapy can be preferred 3 weeks after hair transplantation. The therapies and cures applied to strengthen existing hair depend on the hair structure and desire of the person. In this process, cures and shampoos with least chemical content should be preferred.

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