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Zirconium Porcelain

Zirconium Porcelain

Zirconium coatings are generally performed to remove the problems such as fractures, cracking and structural disorders on the tooth surface in an aesthetic way. After the zirconium coatings are applied, your teeth will not suffer from any loss of function and you will be able use your teeth just as you used to do soon after the application. Zirconium coating has a natural appearance thanks to its light transmittance property and it is not even noticeable by those who are closest to you. In addition, coatings can be applied in 2-3 sessions and the duration of these sessions is very short. Stains of tea, coffee or cigarette do not occur on zirconium coatings thanks to their extremely smooth surfaces.

Advantages of Zirconium Coatings

Zirconium coatings have many advantages over metal-backed coatings that are still used today:

  • Zirconium allows your teeth to comfortable perform their natural functions, since it is a hard substance in itself.
  • Thanks to the light transmittance of the coatings, your teeth look the same in daylight and under artificial light at night.
  • Zirconium coatings that are extremely smooth do not turn yellow and they are stain-proof.
  • Zirconium coatings can be easily applied to the rear teeth as well as to the front teeth.
  • Since there is no metal material in the coatings, no bruises or streaks occur over time. Besides, there is not any incompatibility problem with gingival tissue.
  • No cold or hot sensitivity is experienced thanks to the insulating property of coatings.
  • Zirconium coatings have a structure that does not form dental plaque.
  • The patient who has undergone this application can get used to his/her teeth in a very short time thanks to the smooth and slippery structure of coatings.
  • Zirconium coatings offer extremely comfortable handling since the teeth have a natural look thanks to the tight holding structure of coatings.

Who can benefit from Zirconium Coatings?

Good candidates for zirconium coatings are people who:

  • think that their teeth are not white enough and are aesthetically worried about their teeth,
  • have broken front teeth,
  • suffer from diastema (two / four anterior teeth or all),
  • have curvature in their teeth and do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment,
  • suffer from the loss of tooth substance that does not allow filling applications,
  • do not want filling applications for their front teeth.

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